Management of People

Programs and benefits

Aligned to the commitments of Aperam Way (we+do), the Policy for Remuneration and Benefits is integral part of Aperam’s strategies. One of the basic principles of this policy is to recognize the individual merit and performance from each employee, in view of continuously improving the results of the Organization.

Aperam’s management of job positions and salary is based on the methodology from a specialized company, which is adopted by the majority of large companies in the country. Worldwide, this includes approximately 10 thousand organizations in 30 countries. This methodology aims at bringing an internal balance between weights of job positions and compatibility to comparison of salaries with the market.

Further to that, Aperam understands that the concern with health is something that must receive maximum priority in everybody’s live. The Company makes available for its employees an extensive program of benefits in connection with health. Check below the main programs and benefits enjoyed by Aperam’s employees: