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Novidades da Aperam

Aperam South America launches new identity that represents stainless steel distribution in Brazil

ForçaInox - Distribuição

Aperam South America launched officially its new identity dedicated to stainless steel distribution in Brazil, “ForçaInox Aperam” (força recalls the strength of stainless steel). The new relationship system aims to increase the company’s proximity to the distribution business and increase Aperam’s steel presence in the country.

Three categories of distributors were established: integrated distributor, regular distributor and purchase on the spot. The company will commercialize minimum lots of 20 tons and adopt flexibility on other criteria, according to the category.

“We are sure that we have a lot of potential still to be developed in Brazil and that a more diffuse network may expand the stainless steel consumption in the country,” said the commercial director of Aperam South America, Rodrigo Damasceno.