Sustainable Management

Aperam BioEnergia

Aperam BioEnergia has its business oriented towards the production and marketing of charcoal, wood, seedlings and seeds, coming from renewable eucalyptus forests in Minas Gerais. The Company is a reference in the adoption of sustainable management models and investments in health and safety, training courses, personal protection equipment, development of technologies and infrastructure.

Resorting to increasingly more advanced practices, the Company’s activities have the smallest environmental impact as possible. On top of that, several programs are realized such as monitoring of biodiversity, monitoring of water resources to evaluate the quantity of water and the influence of Company’s activities on that resource, program for recovery of the degraded water, reutilization and recycling of waste matters and projects on carbon credits. All these are part of Aperam BioEnergia’s activities, undertaken on a daily basis.

The Company’s operating areas are located in the municipalities of Itamarandiba, Capelinha, Veredinha, Turmalina, Minas Novas and Carbonita.

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