To be sustainable

Use of Water and Air Quality

Qualidade da Água

The total volume of water used in Timóteo’s Plant comes from Rio Piracicaba water basin, collected with authorization granted by the Water Management Institute of Minas Gerais – Igam (Instituto Mineiro de Gestão de Águas – Igam), to a maximum flow of 550 litres per second and within the limits set up by the institute. In 2014, the Company recorded a total volume of collected water of 16.122.592 m³. We used this resource thoughtfully and responsibly, within all legal parameters and following the principle of continuous improvement, recirculating and reusing 95% of the concerned volume and returning the water to the environment, after going through a treatment station. The water returned meets requirements from class 2 water standard (appropriate for swimming and fishing). We monitor the water quality from the industrial effluents in two collection points together with Rio Piracicaba in Vale do Aço, analysing items such as turbidity (muddiness created by stirring up sediment or having foreign particles suspended), pH (acidity) and solid particles, among others.

Between 2011 and 2014, the Company allocated almost R$ 17 million to initiatives for environmental performance improvement. Until 2015, this value shall reach R$20 million, making up a total of 12 projects. In the last year, six of these projects received sums in the order of R$ 4,4 millions, covering initiatives such as modernization of processes and equipment and monitoring activities with focus on reduction of atmospheric emissions and, therefore, on air quality improvement. Such actions contribute to maintenance of ISO 14001 certification.

Among the highlights of 2014, we find the modernization of automatic network for air monitoring, wetting of raw material yards and repair of roof vent that has sealed the structure located on top of Melt Shop building. In 2015, Aperam will proceed with the initiatives, with special attention to analysis of the results from implemented projects. The automatic network for air monitoring of Aperam South America consists of four meteorological stations which make possible the viewing of air conditions in Timóteo, where the Plant is located. The system, modernized in 2014, sends out on-line information to Minas Gerais State Environment Foundation – Feam (Fundação Estadual do Meio Ambiente – Feam, Minas Gerais).