To be sustainable

Energy efficiency

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Energy is an indispensible consumable for both industrial and human activities. In a scenario of growing energy demands and trend towards increasingly higher costs, the good use of this resource becomes an urgent necessity. At Aperam, we have been concerned with this issue for a long time, having achieved important advancements in recent years through initiatives that include the best use of steelmaking off-gas (Blast Furnace Gas), increased heat efficiency in furnaces, elimination of leakages and general gas losses, use of high-efficiency electric motors and technological updating of equipment, among others.

Since 2014, Aperam has been working on the implementation of an Integrated Energy Management System. The work, which will be extended during 2015, has as a backing pillar the development of a conservationist culture. The activities aim at employees’ engagement in the unfolding and consolidation of Energy Policy, including awareness, communication, planning, guidelines and capacitation. These actions have as their goal to meet the requirements from ISO 50001 on principles and instructions (Energy Management System).