Sustainable Management

Sustainability Committee

Aperam - Sustentabilidade

Integration is the word that best defines the actions by Company’s Sustainability Committee, created to think over the processes, decision making and results from the Organization in a sustainable way. The actions by the Committee are based on a vision of sustainability structured on the four routes of interest: People, Environment, Communities and Corporate Governance.

Created in 2011, the Committee meets up on a quarterly basis to look into and follow up on Company’s actions, as far as sustainability is concerned. Further to that, the Committee has as its aim to provide instruction to the leadership of Aperam South America in that sense, taking on, in the local context, the same responsibilities as the Corporate Committee of Aperam Group.

Since its creation, the Sustainability Committee has dealt with the main topics of interest by the Company and its publics: investments in people’s qualification and training; possibilities for reusing by-products deriving from production activities; internal policies; management of green areas; relationship with environmental agencies, as well as analysis of demands from surrounding communities.