Sustainable Management

Environmental Policy

Aperam - política ambientalAperam operates resorting to the aspects of modern steelmaking practices, as well as to the associated iron-ore and coke mining operations. The company produces a wide range of flat steel products, long products and stainless steel products, aiming at meeting the current needs of all main consumer markets.

Steel is the material of choice for environmental protection; not only it is environmentally correct, but it also affords higher performance when compared to other materials, since it is immediately recyclable.



Environmental excellence, which is part of all processing activities, is promoted based on the following principles:


  1. Implementation of environmental management systems, including ISO 14001 Certification to all production units;
  2. Compliance to all relevant environmental laws and regulations and other Company’s commitments;
  3. Continuous improvement relative to environmental performance, making use of systematic monitoring and aiming at prevention of pollution;
  4. Development, improvement and application of low environmental-impact production methods, making use of locally available raw materials;
  5. Development and manufacturing of environmentally correct products with focus on their use and subsequent recycling;
    Efficient use of natural resources, energy and soil;
  6. Management and reduction, where technically and economically viable, of CO2 emitting sources in steelmaking;
  7. Commitment and responsibility on the part of employees towards environmental performance;
  8. Consciousness and respect from suppliers and contractors to Aperam’s environmental policy;
  9. Communication and open dialogue with all stakeholders affected by Aperam’s operations.