Aperam Acesita Foundation

Stainless Steel Institute

Contribute to the economical and sustainable development of Timóteo and Vale do Aço region is one of the commitments from Aperam Acesita Foundation. Therefore, the institution maintains the Stainless Steel Institute, the country’s only professional centre to offer technical training in the segment of stainless steels, having as its objective to promote job and income generation by means of professional qualification and creation of new businesses.

Located in the municipality of Timóteo, state of Minas Gerais, the Stainless Steel Institute is the result of a partnership between Aperam Acesita Foundation and the Association of Timóteo’s Retirees and Pensioners (AAPT).

Much more than a technical contribution to professionalization, the Stainless Steel Institute seeks further professional capacitation advice, particular towards the capacitation of young people for working with stainless steels, in addition to encouraging entrepreneurship and enabling the creation and generation of new job positions and income, besides the creation of a network of information that promotes the development of stainless-steel handcraft production sector; personal capacitation, technical-managerial improvement and strengthening of cooperation relationship.

Learn more about it on www.institutodoinox.com.br