Aperam Acesita Foundation



The name Oikós is a tribute to both Greek civilization (the Greek word “oikos” means house) and Brazilian indigenous civilization, who pronounces more strongly the last syllable of words.

This natural richness covers 989 hectares and is located within the boundaries of Atlantic Rainforest and Timóteo’s urban perimeter, which is surrounded by secondary forests, freshwater springs and a large diversity of plants and animal species. It serves as the Environmental Education Centre of Aperam South America and represents not only a gift to the community, but also the Company’s commitment to quality of life in the region it operates in.

Oikós is located next to Rio Doce State Park, a Conservation Unit that also keeps some of the treasures from Atlantic Rainforest in its almost 36 thousand hectares, being recognized by United Nations (UN) as Biosphere Reserve.