Aperam Acesita Foundation

Foundation Museum

In Aperam South America’s museum, panels and a photo gallery show the Company’s presidents and tell the story of expansion cycles and the most important moments of the Company, Foundation, and also the first constructions and urbanizations of Timóteo. On the floor, subtle details present the main raw materials used for steel production, such as iron ore, quartz and dolomite, in addition to the specialty steel that results from the whole process.

By means of nine modules, distributed throughout the museum galleries, several pieces and parts help recreating the Company’s history. These are kitchen utensils, pieces of furniture such as typing desks and tables, samples of first personal-protection equipment used, telephones and calculators that really catch the eye for their state of conservation and difference. One of the modules tells a little about the founders of old Acesita, Messrs Amyntas Jacques de Moraes, Athos de Lemos Rache and Percival Farqhuar.

A model having more than 17 m2 reproduces, with perfection, the physical structure of the Company’s production flow. Yet, those visiting the space can see what the Guest House rooms used to be like, with their characteristics well preserved, built in 1957 and that today houses the Foundation itself and the museum.

Visiting hours are: 08:00 to 12:00 am and 01:30 to 05:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Guided visits can be scheduled calling (031) 3849 7744.