Electrical Steel

HGO Electrical Steel

Aperam seeks to offer the best products and services to its customers. Proof of this is the fact that the Company is preparing to produce high permeability grain-oriented electrical steel (HGO), a material used in the manufacturing of high-efficiency transformers.

The good news will put Aperam in the select group of worldwide producers of HGO. This refers to the biggest project in recent years, which will count on investments in the order of more than 15 million dollars. The technological boldness will represent a deep change in the way steel products are manufactured, with a positive impact on the market.

The project will offer a steel grade of increased magnetic permeability, affording better energy efficiency, in line with the trend of bigger demand for more efficient products, resulting in smaller electric power consumption. For electric power generation and distribution sectors, this will translate into smaller and more efficient transformers.

The innovation will expand the Company’s portfolio, offering yet another product to the market with Aperam quality.