Vision and Values

madeforlifeOur vision

To be the company that constantly challenges the status quo for reshaping the future of stainless and specialty steels.

Made for life
Stainless steel fits perfectly into our lives. We trust it, we don’t question it, and sometimes we don’t even notice it. This is because it is “close to life”. This is great evidence of the properties, form and function of stainless steel.
Stainless steel literally lasts a lifetime. It bears great strength and longevity. Therefore, not only stainless steel functions brilliantly, but it also withstands the passing of time.

What we stand for
We are striving to become the leading industry catalyst in stainless and specialty steels.
Our passion, agility and ingenuity have the power to change our world. We encourage dialogue within our industry to set new standards. We work hand in hand with our customers to deliver cost-efficient solutions for products and services of uncompromised quality.

This is to make sure that our customers’ businesses and the industry always stay a step ahead in this increasingly evolving world.

Our values

leadershipA leading company is ambitious, bold and sustainable.
A catalyst is not a pioneer in everything it does. It is about being bolder and more audacious in our approach while remaining relevant to the marketplace. We are a stable driving force which encourages the development of new standards in the industry. We promote sustainable solutions.
ingenuityAn innovative company is active, talented and creative.
To be innovative. Our employees are passionate and always keen to share their knowledge and skills. Sometimes this means developing new ideas or applications; other times it implies seeing things differently, with new eyes to find the appropriate solution with no compromise of quality.
agilityAn agile company is fast, adaptable, and flexible. 
Being agile is about moving fast and adapting smoothly to the changing market conditions. It is also about being flexible according to specific customers’ requirements, whether in terms of cost efficiency, lead time or product characteristics.